Have I Got A Line For You!


Welcome to June everybody. It’s a month full of celebrations including Jubilee Days in Warsaw this week. Flag Day is Friday June 14. Father’s Day falls on June 16 and the first day of summer is Thursday, June 20. The Strawberry Moon will fly at 3:30 AM on June 21. It’s named for the Algonquin Tribes who used it as a signal to gather ripening fruit. That same moon makes the Osage River fordable at night, once for steamboats and now for evening fisherman and pontoon parties. The Strawberry Moon is a full moon, so watch out for crazed people. Some say the moon doesn’t affect the human body. But folks, it affects the ocean tides. Why not the human body, which is largely made up of water?
* * *
Let’s shift gears. Did you ever stop to ask yourself why the Almighty made the sky blue and the grass green? They go pretty well together. What if He had made the grass purple and the sky orange? Would we take this for granted too? What brought this to mind was driving around town and seeing the lush green yards. I’ve always wondered if the sky would be as interesting if the stars formed little square boxes instead of being scattered all over? I hope this isn’t the sign of a mind beginning to go. How about we just get more creative with age? You betcha!
* * *
Well, well well. The guilty verdict against President Trump was mind boggling. “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime” comes to mind. Have we become Bolivia? Did The Donald Prosecute Hilary? No, despite the inconvenient fact that she did break the law. Like Trump or hate him, this trial shows that none of us are safe from the Federal Government. President Biden has a history of these shenanigans. Just ask Dr. Jill’s ex-husband about the IRS. Can we blame the jurors? Nope. They did exactly what they were instructed to do. Get your popcorn bucket; it’s about to get more interesting. Most of us never thought we’d see a pandemic, now I’m wondering if we’ll see a civil war. Nothing would surprise me at this point, especially the way our government continues to divide people. Meanwhile, 54 former intelligence offers signed affidavits, lying that Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation. None of them got charged for election interference.
* * *
Hang in there and hold on tight Old Buddy. We’ll close with this:
May the blessing of light
be upon you,
Light without and light
And in all your coming and
May you ever have a
kindly greeting,
From them you meet upon
the road.
* * *
'Til Next Week: