Letters To The Editor


Dear Editor,
The Morrow Family: A Legacy Enshrined in Warsaw's Hall of Fame:
The heartbeats of Warsaw have echoed with the cheers and triumphs of the Wildcats, thanks in no small part to the Morrow family.
Coach Randy Morrow's leadership on the football field has carved a path to the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame; a testament to the indelible mark he and his family have left on our community.
Their legacy is not confined to the accolades and the trophies that adorn our school's halls.
It is found in the spirit of every player who learned the value of teamwork, the importance of perseverance, and the power of dreaming big.
As we celebrate their induction into the Hall of Fame, we also celebrate the Morrow family's unwavering dedication to nurturing the potential of our youth.
Their story is not just one of athletic excellence, but of shaping the character and future of every student they've touched.
Thank you, Morrow family, for your enduring legacy and for being the champions of our community's heart and soul.

Kimberly Hausmann
Warsaw High School
Class of 1987
* * *
Dear Editor,
As a member of the Benton County Republican Central Committee, I am encouraging all registered Republican voters to attend the Misssouri Caucus at 10:00 AM on Saturday, March 2, 2024, at the Warsaw Community Building at 181 W. Harrison Street in Warsaw.

Thank you
Pat Arnett